drive time school of motoring

The price for driving lessons is based on an hourly rate. Lessons can be one hour long, although it is recommended that pupils take either 1½ or 2-hour long lessons*.

All types of driver lessons are charged at £40 per hour

There are 2 Options on payment:

Option 1
Pay as you go:

This is as it says. You pay the amount relative to the length of the lesson, by either cash, at the start of the lesson, or bank transfer prior to the lesson. If bank transfer, your personal instructor will provide you with their bank details, as Drive-time instructors are self-employed.

Option 2
10 Hour block of Lessons :

In this option the pupil purchases a “Block” of 10 hours in advance of the commencement date, subject to the same conditions as laid out in Option 1.
This “Block” purchase comes with a bonus of 1 hour donated free of charge by us at Drive-time. Therefore, your purchase is immediately inflated to 11 hours! Refresher lessons, Motorway lessons and Pass Plus are also offered at the above rate

*It should be noted that an average pupil without private practice will require approximately 30-40 hours of professional instruction to attain the standard necessary to undertake the current UK driving test.