drive time school of motoring

The whole thing was cool. The guys at Drive Time were really good and had lots of patience, which was a big plus. The day of the Test was fine because by that time I pretty much knew it all-so thanks again Drive Time.
Claire McLennan-Leith

TheLessons are focussed, fun, aiming to make you a safe and considerate driver. Just done Pass Plus which was of great value and I would recommend my instructor to anyone who is looking to get their licence. She was very organised in keeping track of progress and clearly loves her job.
Finlay Young-Fettes College

Doing my University Degree at the same time as learning to drive could have been quite arduous, but Drive Time made it easy and fun at the same time. Thanks a lot-my brother now has the L-plates!!!
Helen Turnbull-Edinburgh University

In my 70's I'd lost confidence in city traffic. With Pam's encouragement I learned the rules again, absorbed her advice and her calm, re-assuring voice has supported me in our drives through busy streets, including negotiating round tram workings, in and around Edinburgh. Confidence regained-a truly refreshing Refresher Course!
Daphne Robertson-Edinburgh